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Jen JenningsStrike up the band and welcome Jen Jennings into our prestigious circle of new grad mentors. An accomplished physical therapist, Jen has an infectious energy for her work and a spirited love of the outdoors that makes her a poster child for the travel experience. She grew up in the California Capitol of Sacramento, home to the renowned research facility the UC Davis Medical Center. Leaving California for the naturalistic beauty of Oregon, Jen gained her undergraduate degree at the warmly inviting Pacific University. From there it was back to the glow of California, this time to earn her DPT at Chapman University. Located amongst the palms of Irvine, Chapman can boast of having the longest running accredited physical therapy program in the country.


Founded in 1928, the school has strong ties to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and is situated close to Newport Beach. Jen is an outdoor fanatic who loves hiking, running, and as befits a Californian-anything beach-related, including paddling and surfing. She currently has licenses in California and Hawaii, with a pending in Massachusetts to practice in Boston this summer. Jen was drawn to travel therapy for the diverse clinical experiences and the enormous flexibility to see new places it offered. Her preferred setting is Pediatrics, although she has enjoyed her variety of experiences in other areas settings. Jen was a language major in College and has been able to utilize Spanish in California and German in Hawaii, while also learning some Japanese along her current Hawaiian adventure. We are thrilled to have Jen mentoring our younger therapists. Her recruiter states,


“I have been very honored to work with Jen over the last 2 years. She has been a wonderful addition to the Advanced family and my team. Jen is very passionate in everything she does, whether she is working hard or playing hard she is motivated to be the best. I am so excited for the next chapter of her story.”