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2018 is finally upon us and with that comes the New Year’s Resolutions. This year Advanced is committed to help you fulfill all the therapy resolutions you may want to accomplish. Whether you’re an OT, PT, or SLP — Advanced will make this your best year yet!


Earn More Money

In 2018 we will help you earn more money in various ways. First of all, take home pay for travelers is generally higher than for permanent therapists. Plus if your skill set is in high demand, you can earn even more. Second, we cover your housing, provide a travel expense allowance, and a meals and incidentals stipend. That means more green in your pocket.

Pay Off Student Loans

One of the perks of our revolutionary New Grad Program is that we offer tuition reimbursement. Complete a set number of assignments in two years and you’ll receive $5,000 dollars in tax-free money to help defray your education costs. Pretty sweet!

More Clinical Experience

Some therapists think that travel contracts look bad on your resume, but it’s actually the opposite! With travel therapy you can gain clinical experience faster, connect with industry professionals, and work in multiple settings. Facilities also know that travelers are exposed to diverse patient populations and gain significant knowledge from interacting with various clinical teams on each assignment.

Travel More

A lot of people wait until they retire to explore the country, but travel therapists are smarter than that. With 13 week assignments, you can have adventures in a new state every few months. You will get to see and experience new places that you never thought you’d go, and get paid while you are doing it. What’s better than that?

What are you waiting for?