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Nominated by her recruiter Daryan, the Featured Traveler for November is Rachelle Ridge! Rachelle is part of our elite team of New Grad Mentors, where she helps bring support and guidance to our newbie therapists that are just starting to explore the world of travel. Rachelle is an amazing physical therapist that has truly embraced everything travel therapy has to offer! She’s explored various settings and completed 5 assignments in 5 different states! We’re proud to have Rachelle as part of the Advanced family and we’re eager to see her future adventures!

Get the 411 on Rachelle

Why or how did you get into therapy? I chose physical therapy because it was the perfect profession to combine my love of sports with helping others to get back on their feet. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone progress from being dependent with most activities to being independent and return to their prior level of function.


What is your favorite thing about being a therapist? I love hearing my patient’s stories about their life and experiences, but the best part is helping someone learn to walk again.


Favorite travel location and why? I absolutely loved Florida for the obvious reasons (Disney, Harry Potter world) but also for the daily commute along the river from Edgewater to Daytona. Seeing the view every morning was amazing.


If you could have a superpower what would it be? mind reading/control or xray/MRI vision… I want to know what people are really thinking and I’d like to be able to change people’s outlooks during certain situations. But it would be nice to have x-ray vision so I could see my patients injuries.


What are some of your hobbies? I love to travel (obviously), go to sporting events, try new restaurants, anything outdoors, and  read. I enjoy painting and photography.