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The recent article, The Best 25 Jobs of 2012 Rankings, suggests that the occupational therapist career is the 10th best job choice for 2012. This list of best ranking jobs was compiled through the analysis of job growth projections through 2020, average annual wage, number of current job opportunities, as well as an assessment of overall job satisfaction within the profession.


Occupational Therapy Career

An occupational therapy career is a demanding, yet very rewarding job. By assisting their patients, who can range from toddlers to the elderly, the therapist will ensure that they can lead independent lives. With an occupational therapy job, therapists may find themselves working in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, schools and even patient’s homes to assist patients with conditions that can vary between mental, developmental, physical and psychological. Some of the duties that a therapist may help a patient with, are daily activities that we take for granted, such as eating, dressing and cooking. Therapists detail their patients progress and continually make assessments to insure they are receiving the best care possible and continue to improve.


With a vast array of patients needing the assistance of an occupational therapist, a therapist can specialize in an area that they are particularly interested in, which will not only help the candidate become passionate about their job, but will also make that person stand out to possible employers. In order to begin a career in this field, one must receive, at a minimum, a master’s degree from a school accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education, before they can take the national certification exam. Prior to graduating, all students will spend twenty-four weeks working in the field, getting their feet wet, while being supervised.


All the hard work will certainly be worth it. Once you find employment, you can expect the salary to range between $48,000 and $102,000. Therapists generally maintain a stable forty hour work week. Fortunately for anyone considering occupational therapy jobs, the job market for this profession continues to remain favorable for graduates. Furthermore, due to a rise in the elderly population, job opportunities are expected to rise by 33.5% between 2010 and 2020, pursuant to Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Although very demanding, both physically and emotionally at times, an occupational therapy career is a gratifying career to enter into if you enjoy helping people. Watching a patient progress as a result of your assistance will be its best reward.

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