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oktoberfest logoAh October…how we love you: crisp weather, playoff baseball, Halloween, and can you believe it’s also national pizza month! Seriously, what other month has an entire festival with its name in the title and also features a heavy dose of beer drinking. October is also Physical Therapy Month, so stay tuned for special blog features and guest posts from some of our finest PT travelers. The APTA will be also be highlighting the profession all month with special events and timely information, so be sure to visit them early and often. Advanced Medical also has a big Fall (or is it Autumn?) season planned on the road. Keep reading for an ale drenched taste of October:


ACAPT Education Leadership Conference October 11-13 Kansas City, MO
This conference brings together educators and clinicians to advance and strengthen the academic priorities of the profession. Key components include diversity, mentoring, and educational innovation. Make sure to save room for the BBQ!


Texas Women’s University PT Luncheon October 15th Houston, TX
New Grad Manager Codey Thalacker visits (and feeds) over 40 DPT students at one of our flagship university partners. Advanced Medical has been a proud sponsor of this elite therapy department for years, and always appreciates the chance to educate the students on the benefits of travel therapy. Don’t forget the cowboy hat Codey!


OTAC (Occupational Therapy of California) Annual Conference October 16-19 Pasadena, CA
Advanced Medical’s Seth Mukai heads to sparkling Pasadena, to meet with occupational therapy students and clients. The 3 day conference is jam packed with educational seminars and networking opportunities. This includes a Pasadena Scavenger Hunt and an after-hours party that celebrates diversity through dance. Make sure you get on the plane to come home Seth! (Pasadena is incredible)


TPTA (Texas Physical Therapy Association) Annual Conference October 16-19 Galveston, TX
This Texas hoedown is taking place in the port city of Galveston, TX – known as the “playground of the south” in the late 1800’s (no word on if this moniker still applies). The conference includes DPT programs from across the longhorn state and over 80 CCU’s to choose from. We will be holding fort at booth #119 with a good time in mind.


APTA National Student Conclave October 30-Nov 1 Milwaukee, WI
This annual student PT gathering takes place in the beer capital of the US, perfect for an Oktoberfest fueled month. Advanced Medical is lucky to have superstar recruiter Kat Ortega in attendance with a special appearance by our superb travel mentor Lynann Pfister. Students can expect a customized learning experience, professional networking opportunities, and a chance to meet and elect your future PT student assembly for 2015. Make sure to bring a costume Kat!