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With the utmost confidence, Advanced Medical welcomes our newest Travel OT Mentor: Andrea Yeldell. Andrea is a dynamic therapist fully committed to providing guidance and support for our new grad therapists. Andrea was born in and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. Known as the “Rocket City”, Huntsville is home to the George Marshall Flight Center and in 1958 launched America’s first satellite, the Explorer 1, into orbit.


Andrea attended the historic Tuskegee University in Alabama, which was designated as a national historic site in 1974. Andrea earned her MOT (Masters of Occupational Therapy) at Tuskegee at the age of 22, by participating in their 3+2 Program. Andrea has excelled in a number of travel therapy assignments and her preferred settings are NICU and SNF. Andrea states,“I became interested in travel therapy, while still in school, I was fascinated with the idea that I could travel the country, while gaining enriching knowledge both professionally and personally.”


When Andrea is not busy treating patients, she enjoys shopping, reading, exercising, and of course – volunteering. Andrea’s recruiter had this to say, “Andrea has been an exemplary traveler for the Advanced
Medical family. She is always up for new adventures and has embraced the uniqueness of each one!” The Advanced Medical New Grad Program continues to help scores of young therapists by partnering with elite medical facilities and providing layers of clinical support. We welcome Andrea and thank her for her contributions!

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