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Occupational Therapy is a client-focused profession that promotes health, wellness, and community through occupation. When one thinks of occupation the first thing that comes to mind is work, or more specifically, employment. This conclusion isn’t wrong…just incomplete. Occupational therapy covers the full spectrum of human activity, ranging from productive endeavors to pleasurable actions. Ultimately, the profession is about allowing one to “live life to its fullest” which just happens to be the slogan of the AOTA. Occupational Therapists use an evidence-based process to find “solutions to the challenges of everyday life”-  which is the beautifully simple tagline for our current OT month of April. If you’re sensing a theme here, you are on the right track. OT’s work on these solutions in diverse areas of acute care, mental health, injury management, rehabilitation, and school-based settings. Occupational therapists may contribute ergonomic guidelines for a healthier workplace, develop specific accommodations that allow for an employee with a disability to thrive in the workplace, use stress reduction techniques to treat depression, collaborate and consult with teachers in creating the right learning environment to maximize student capabilities, and working in the areas of mental health and nutrition to help clients achieve life balance. We asked some of our favorite people what the slogan “Solutions to the Challenges of Everyday Life” means to them. Advanced Medical is proud to work with these dedicated therapists bringing about positive change in the participation of life.

Melissa Jones, Advanced Medical SLP and New Grad Director

As a SLP, I love OT’s! I can’t even say the number of times you guys have saved me by helping a patient get dressed safely, or toileting them when I am unable to. Getting to do co-treatments with OT is always fun and functional, whether it’s working on eating, practicing cooking, or planting a garden. OT’s and SLP’s are a dream team, and I am so thankful for all of the amazing OT’s I have worked with over the years!


Kayla Layner, Advanced Medical OT Mentor

Being an OT means that I have the privilege to make a difference in someone’s life and also improve their quality of life in the last stages of their lives. Working with the geriatric population is my favorite and I absolutely love the impact that they have had on me as well. I love OT because it is a unique skilled service that is virtually limitless, allowing you to be creative and client centered by focusing on each patients needs and deficits individually. 


Mallory Apel, Advanced Medical OT Mentor

 I love being an occupational therapist because I get to be there for the “ah-ha” moments when a client and I find a solution to a problem they are experiencing. Being an occupational therapist is more than showing someone how to put on pants, it’s teaching them strategies to make all aspects of everyday life a little easier.


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