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Last weekend in the bowels of some deep, dark, corner at Advanced Medical headquarters, a team of highly skilled technicians participated in the first ever: Hack-a-thon. 

The Advanced Medical IT team takes pride in calling their side of the office “the dark side”, and I must admit, their workspace does lack the bright lights of the recruiting floor and takes on a cave-like quality.  The Hack-a-thon consisted of an estimated 180 hours of hardcore coding and resulted in a number of completed projects that keep Advanced Medical at the forefront of staffing innovation.

The event also left a slew of empty pizza boxes and overworked coffee pots in its wake. One scene tells the story. A group of bankers were visiting the office and managed to stumble into the hacking hoedown, in an attempt to appear presentable,(this was near the end of the grueling event) programmer Jahdai Cintron was urged to tape his eyes open for the introductions…at least he wasn’t’ urged to put on a tie-that would have been the true injustice.

The Advanced Medical technology team has built exceptional interactive tools beneficial to clients, travelers, and recruiters.  Building a dominant social media platform, increasing connectivity speed to all aspects of the organization, and bringing aboard a new mobile website are just a few of the accomplishments these men of mystery have achieved.

The Hack-a-thon, had a number of big moments-one example being a highly advanced Google Map API Integration that brought client search functionality to new heights.  I am also happy to report that all participants came through the grueling process in one piece….Now can someone turn a light on back there?