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Advanced Medical has just earned re-certification with the Joint Commission for the 3rd time. The Joint Commission was created in 1951, with a mission to create a set of consensus-based standards for hospitals and other medical facilities that treat patients. In October 2004, the commission expanded its evaluations to include healthcare staffing organizations.   The review process for the Joint Commission focuses on the ability to provide comprehensive staffing services by evaluating training, education, and placement criteria. Furthermore, they look for proficiency in the areas of leadership, human resources, performance management, and information documentation. 



The commission completed its 3rd onsite audit and found ZERO findings for a 100% score.  This occurrence is becoming as certain as monster traffic in LA, losing sports teams in Cleveland, or getting soaked  in Seattle.  Leading the charge was our extraordinary QA manager: Paige Parry.  Paige came to Advanced Medical in a part-time role 8 years ago.  Did I mention she was in High School!  Her quick mind and bubbly personality was a natural fit with our growing team and  Paige was promoted to QA manager by the time she was 20.  Paige is responsible for a full spectrum of QA responsibilities, including logging data, tracking complaints, and handling all DNR’s(do not return).  She also is instrumental in ensuring our Monday starts for travelers goes smoothly by doing serious overtime on weekends.  Outside the office, Paige loves to spoil her miniature Dachshund: Graham.  You also always know where to find Paige in the office – just look for stylish pink colors and its a safe bet a smiling Paige will be close by.


“I have never really had a “bad” day at AMPS because my co-workers are always so upbeat and know how to make me laugh when I’m feeling a little down. AMPS is  pretty much my second family!”, according to Paige.  Although the word fabulous is not one frequently found on this blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the work of the FABULOUS QA LADIES.  This group brings incredible chemistry in creating QA magic! Introducing this stellar group of individuals in no direct order of fabulousness: Jessica Heck, Jill Tandy, Kelli Kirk, and Dawn Nix.  Our CEO Jennifer Fuicelli added, “Once again, our QA team has proven to be the best in the business. Whether its credentialing, licensing, payroll, or human resources, this team consistently exceeds all expectations.”Congratulations everyone, and we look forward to our next perfect showing with the Joint Commission.   Until next time…

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