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This post is directed at the serious and grounded therapy student, uninterested in traveling the country, making great dough, and maintaining job flexibility.  A young therapist ready to get started toiling away at the same facility for the next 40 years while always wondering what else is out there.  Actually, just kidding…….the reality is most graduate students will find that travel therapy does not fit in with their current plans.


While we actively root for you to join our merry band of travelers, we understand the overwhelming majority of you are looking for a permanent job in a particular setting.  A chance to settle down with a new family or return to your hometown and put your degree to good use in a stable setting.  Being a “therapy only” company gives us some unique advantages that you can utilize when searching for the right permanent position.  Our national presence gives us a wide network of clients and leads for your perfect match.  Our recruiters only work in therapy, meaning your assured a career counselor who has more than a passing knowledge of the issues important to you.



Furthermore, we are a company committed to a detailed analysis of your options.  I often encounter graduates who love our company culture and principled devotion to professional growth, but feel that travel is not a realistic decision for them.  I encourage those of you who fit this category to trust our track record and let us find an ideal fit for your skills.  This year we have also added a school and government contracts division, bringing us comprehensive solutions for a multitude of therapy professionals.   Our foundation may be travel therapy, but our building continues to add floors to accommodate therapists of all stripes.  Your permanent job is out there, just remember we are here to help you find it.