Speech-language pathology is a field that is chock-full of bright, inspirational professionals, and podcasts are an excellent medium that can be used to keep up with all the research, innovations, and debates that take place nationwide. With its conceptual roots beginning in the 18th century in England and its organizational beginning in 1926 with establishment of the American Academy of Speech Correction, the SLP discipline has evolved dramatically through the years. It also continues to grow significantly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment of speech-language pathologists is expected to grow by 21% by 2024. U.S. News also placed SLP in the top 30 best jobs in the country. If you're looking to join this amazing group of therapists, check out our SLP travel jobs, you will not be hard pressed to find an opportunity as unique as you are!

As speech-language pathology progresses as a discipline, SLPs will need to invest more in energy into staying up to speed with discussions within the field.  Social networks like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook have already facilitated many spaces for dialogue between therapists, patients, and professionals. Hashtags like #slpeeps, #slp2be, and #slplife have allowed for people to connect globally. And although podcasts may not be as interactive as these networks, they do offer instant, more in-depth access to current and relevant topics.

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to listen to podcasts and below that you will find our two cents on the best podcasts for SLPs.

Why You Should Listen To Podcasts

Get a Sense of Connection 

Let’s be real- scholarly articles and research can be a pretty dry read. You may even find yourself skimming when you should be highlighting and taking notes. Insert your new savior: The podcast. Episodes will give you a real person’s voice and expressions, and we don’t need to tell an SLP how important that is.

Breathe Life into Mundane Tasks

Podcasts will give you the power to transform your commute, workouts, or chores into moments of professional and personal growth. That’s right, you can turn the 45-minutes in your car or on the treadmill into a much-needed combination of education and entertainment.

Take On the New and Different 

The SLP world is filled with many specialties, voices, and approaches that are constantly evolving. There are always new and better ways being suggested in terms of diagnoses, treatments, technology, and more. There are also various schools of thought that you may or may have not come across during your education or career. Podcasts will ultimately give you instant access to a plethora information.

Be the Best SLP You Can Be 

As the speech-language pathology field evolves, SLPs will have to keep up. Staying current will make you more competitive and a better therapist for your patients. Listening to podcasts is an easy and fun way to keep your edge.

Best Podcasts for SLPs

Conversations in Speech Pathology

In this podcast, SLP Jeff Stepen interviews a wide range of SLP-invested folks including professionals and parents. He covers various SLP topics and is guaranteed to keep you engaged!


With over 600 episodes, this is the first and longest running podcast on stuttering. It’s motto is, “Changing how you think about stuttering… one podcast at a time.” Trust us, this really is a must-listen for any SLP who is invested in the subject matter.

ASHA Podcast Series

No SLP podcast list would be complete without mentioning ASHA. The ASHA episodes cover various crucial topics in the field and offer access to interviews with professionals who are making big moves in the field.

Speech and Language Kids Podcast

If the pediatric population is where your heart lies, this podcast will be a great one for you. It mostly focuses on activities for speech therapists and parents of children with speech and language development and delays.

SLP Full Disclosure

Advanced created a podcast just for SLPs hosted by our very own Jennifer Martin MS CCC-SLP and Alyssa Hunter, MA CCC-SLP. They deep dive into a variety of topics to empower, educate, and entertain. Join us for each episode to hear from expert guests and a range of topics about Speech Pathology.

Swallow Your Pride

The Swallow Your Pride Podcast was created with the purpose of diving deeper into the issues that speech-language pathologists face when working with patients with swallowing disorders.

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