Physical Therapy LoveThe field of physical therapy is brimful of incredible professionals and podcasts offer a great platform to stay current on their research, thoughts, debates, and musings. The profession is growing at an exponential rate. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of physical therapists is expected to grow by 36% by 2024. This type of growth will no doubt ignite competition, change, and innovation in the field, which is super exciting. It will require therapists to stay current and involved in their community and the healthcare industry at large. If you're looking to create your own path in the physical therapy world, check out our travel PT jobs, you're guaranteed to find the positions that fit you perfectly as a unique therapist.

You can already see the importance of digital media in PT when looking at the powerful impact that hashtags like #ChoosePT#PTTransforms, and #ChoosePTFirst have had in the realm of social media and beyond. Although podcasts may not be as interactive as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they do give you instant access to current and relevant topics and issues that impact therapists, patients, students, and educators across the nation.

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to listen to podcasts and below that you will find our picks for Top 5 Podcasts for PTs.

Why You Should Listen To Podcasts

Hear New Ideas

The field of physical therapy is constantly evolving. There’s always something new and better when it comes to diagnoses, treatments, technology, research, business, and more. As a listener you may find yourself learning something new from listening to a variety of podcasts, making you a better therapist.

Use Your Time Better

Listening to the right podcast can transform your commute, workouts, chores, or lazy Sunday afternoons into moments of professional and personal growth. Imagine turning that 45-minute commute to work into an imaginative, informative, and entertaining session of PT reflection.

Connect to Relevant Topics

Since podcasts connect you to a real persons voice and expressions, they can ultimately offer a richer experience than written media or research. This medium can also bring life and wit to dryer topics and research that may incite only a quick skim in written form, thereby allowing you to educate yourself more deeply.

Stay Current

As PT evolves you as a therapist must develop along with it. Your goals should always involve being the best therapist for your patients. This will usually mean educating yourself on the latest advances and innovations in the field, and you can easily get all this information using podcasts.

Consider Diverse Opinions

Because podcasts are such an open medium, you will be able to get a variety of opinions and approaches when listening to them. Maybe you’ve only been exposed to one PT school of thought, well podcasts can give you immediate access to more.

Top 5 Podcasts for PTs

PT Pint Cast

This is a super fun podcast. It features discussions over drinks between forward-thinking PTs who go back and forth on great ideas in the field. It’s distinct, funny, and offers a lighter twist on more serious topics.

The NAF Physio Podcast 

We want to warn you first that this podcast does have some explicit content. Speakers ask questions and talk about a wide range of PT topics in a casual and quirky manner in this series. You're guaranteed to enjoy this one.    

Move Forward Radio

This podcast is created by the APTA and highlights interviews with physical therapists and other experts in healthcare. The episodes focus on discussing public interest topics.

I Need (Travel) Therapy

Not to toot our own horns, but we think this podcast is a must-listen for Physical Therapists. It's perfect for travel PTs and those that want to become one!

PT Inquest

Similar to the Journal of the APTA podcast, this series will help you stay on top of current research. Each episode offers a review and discussion of a new scholarly article.

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