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The ability to remain positive in travel therapy is almost as important as stellar phone interview skills, an excellent resume, or great references. Kayla, a loyal Advanced Medical traveler and OT new grad mentor, outlines the importance of “keeping the faith” in her recent blog post. As with any contract, there are always cancellation clauses written in to protect both the traveler and client from being without work or coverage at a moment’s notice. Kayla shares her most recent experience with her contract cancellation. Positive breeds positive, and Kayla remained positive that Advanced Medical would turn her situation around, ultimately resulting in an amazing outcome.


If there is one thing I have learned throughout my experience with Advanced Medical, it is to have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. The travel world can be very stressful at times. Because of the massive amount of flexibility in the profession (one of the many perks), it is accompanied by the fear of the unknown. Let me explain…
Within most contracts there is a two-weeks notice clause that allows you and the client (facility you are working for) to end the contract within two weeks. This is good for you, in the case that a jaw dropping opportunity becomes available you can give a two-weeks notice and take it! It is also of the facilities benefit. In a lot of cases, the facilities hire travelers as they attempt to find permanent employees. If they are successful in their search, they are able to give you a two weeks notice… which can definitely present with some (or a lot) of anxiety since now you have 2 weeks to find a new gig! Now I know what you’re thinking, ONLY TWO WEEKS?! Seems crazy, but two weeks in the travel world is probably equivalent to a month any other time.


I have been given a two-weeks notice twice since I began my traveling journey. Without a doubt it elicited some panic. I am probably best described as a type A personality, I like to be prepared, to plan, to plot. This personality characteristic in which control is at the center, has changed drastically in my time as a traveler.


Kayla representing Advanced MedicalThe first time the two-weeks notice occurred, my recruiter, Amy, called and said “I want you to sit down and take a deep breath!” Which now makes me laugh because she knew exactly how I was going to react. I was in a facility that was quite unethical, a job that I did not enjoy waking up in the morning for, but I had just signed a lease and moved to the area 3 days prior! Within 7-10 days, the Advanced Medical team had a job lined up that was going to start immediately following my notice. Absolutely no space between the end of one, to the start of the other. This new opportunity required a drive, but it was an absolute AMAZING experience in a facility that I am thrilled to say I was once a part of! It was meant to be, it was supposed to happen this way! My new placement was in a much happier environment, filled with life changing experiences that made me a better therapist and human being.


The second time I encountered this two-weeks notice was for my most recent assignment. (This may be the craziest story yet!). I was legitimately exiting the state of WV on my way to Florida when I received the call from Amy regarding the client cancelling my contract. Without a doubt, the behind the scenes crew in the office had my back and was able to get me a 2 week paid vacation!!! (Totally awesome, right?) We began the search for a replacement job opportunity within the area and had a few options on the horizon. Just when something seemed promising, we were let down. Since Amy and I have developed such an awesome relationship with one another, I always ask her, “Should I start to stress yet?”


By Thursday of the second week, we began to get a little stressed and started exploring additional options. We were looking at positions in Virginia, applying for jobs across the state of Florida. At this point we just wanted to get me working by Monday! With one high priority in mind, I have Garth Brooks tickets for his show in Tampa the first week of June… though it sounds like any other concert, this was non-negotiable as it is on my bucketlist! (haha, priorities.. Garth>job!) I had found an ad for a job at a hospital in Ormond Beach and sent it over to Amy to check it out. After some investigation into this position, the account manager came in contact with the individual who had originally offered me a position two weeks prior, and would you believe that she wanted to reinstate my contract because they had an influx of patients and wanted me to start Monday?! What are the stinkin’ odds?!


So in the end, I came to Florida two weeks ago to do a job, who then cancelled on me and paid me for two weeks to tan on the beach, only to find that they still wanted me to work for them the following Monday!

Kayla a the beach


Without a doubt this job has allowed me to experience parts of the world that I wouldn’t otherwise, increase my skill set in ways no permanent placement could, and has allowed me to develop incredible lifelong friendships in different parts of the country! But what I am most proud of, is how it has changed ME.


I have learned to be patient. I have learned to have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I have most definitely learned to be more easy going and a lot less uptight. I have become more trusting and less apprehensive. All with a little help from my friends at Advanced Medical! I cannot brag enough about the company I work for. It is such a blessing to have a team that has your back, that works hard to ensure you have a job when you need one, and who you can honestly and truly call your friends!


So thankful for all my loves in the office who have made this experience a positive one, and to my favorite, Miss Amy Barnes, who is not only amazing at what she does, but is also one of the most wonderful lifelong friends I have acquired throughout the past year! I love you dearly!