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Greetings from the National Harbor in Maryland; site of PT 2011.  The conference is taking place at the Gaylord Convention Center and  located  a short boat ride from the Nation’s Capital. The room from my hotel offers stunning views of the Potomac River with the Washington Monument rising in the distance.   This conference has a different energy then previous gatherings.  This is due to the energetic push to lobby members of Congress in regards to 3 issues.  These issues are: 1. Repeal of the Therapy Cap.  2. Inclusion of Therapy participation in Student Loan Repayment. 3. Preventative Concussions Management. 

As faithful readers of this blog know, Advanced Medical has taken an active role in advocating for the Repeal of the Therapy Cap.  The caps shift costs to inpatient settings, create needless delays, and reduce ailing citizens ability to remain independent.  When patients are unable to receive timely rehab services, higher-cost interventions become more likely.   In the coming days I will be highlighting these issues in more detail, including the recent push for better Concussion prevention.  Concussions are happening with alarming frequency and the issue is rightfully getting the attention it deserves.

Earlier Today, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Aaron Carroll speak about the future of American Healthcare.  His message of smart and innovative reform was well received.  He has a terrific blog that I highly recommend at  The keynote speaker for the evening session was Democratic strategist and former Clinton official, Paul Begala.  Begala gave a deeply humorous speech sprinkled with revealing anecdotes from his days working with Bill Clinton.

Tomorrow will start early with a Breakfast rally.  Then the buses are loading up with over 1000 PT’s, students, and industry officials.  The day of advocacy will involve meetings with representatives from all 50 states.  I am a member of the South Carolina delegation and will be meeting with staffers from senator Lindsay Graham and congressman Joe Wilson. It has been a refreshing to see the intense passion and urgent focus put forward by the therapy community.  The dedication to these issues is important and tomorrow will bring a unified voice in explaining the importance of therapy services.  I am proud to bring attention to these issues and stand with accomplished professionals who bring comfort and hope to their patients on a daily basis.  Stay tuned for more details throughout the week.