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16301_10152605116960143_7892849453212690328_nAs part of last months CSM conference in Indianapolis, Advanced Medical had the privilege to sponsor PT Pub Night, a social gathering with a bevy of thirsty therapists, students, and educators. With a few of our trusted recruiters in attendance, we were able to take part in this interactive event sweeping the country one pint at a time. The brainchild of Vantage Clinical Solutions, a business and marketing firm located in Bend,Oregon, PT Pub Night was launched in 2013 with a mission to enhance productive interaction and professional development within the pt profession. The firm provides promotional services and event development guidance for hundred of pt communities looking to bring a creative component to their membership gatherings. Since its inception, the theme has taken off with over 500 events in 40 states.


With PT Pub night originating in Oregon, its no surprise that the Oregon APTA chapter has been influential trailblazers who were prominently featured in the latest PT in Motion issue. In a larger piece on the APTA’s Creative Components written by Chris Hayhurst, the Oregon chapter is used as a prime example in the ways that chapters and sections are using inspired thinking to stimulate meaningful interactions to advance the profession. The Oregon chapter event has flourished to 10 cities, often doubling and tripling the attendance of past membership events. A recent Pub Night resulted in a shoe drive that brought over 75 pairs of new shoes to disadvantaged Portland youth. Hayhurst writes:


“It’s really about engagement,” notes Oregon Chapter President Derek Fenwick, PT, MBA, GCS. Before the chapter started the program about 3 years ago, “it often seemed like we were just spinning our wheels. Members would get together maybe twice a year at best, at our 2 annual conferences.” So if members weren’t in a leadership position or on the board, Fenwick proffers, they rarely would be involved with the organization. Oregon’s Pub Night earned the Chapter a 2013 Component Award from APTA, a recognition reserved for just a handful of the associations chapters and sections each year.


A number of chapters have looked to make PT Pub Night an interdisciplinary affair by opening up the rodeo to fellow OT’s and SLP’s to heighten professional relationships outside the day to day practice requirements. Here at Advanced Medical we have also used social events to bring inspiration, camaraderie, and creative thinking to our team. Our Beer Cart Friday social gathering was featured in a number of national news outlets and is just one example of our commitment to building teamwork outside of established channels. While drinking adult beverages is green lighted at events like PT Pub Night and our own Beer Cart Friday, the primary focus remains on developing better lines of communication to advance ideas, friendships, and productivity.


Our event takes great care in making sure that everyone is represented and that non-drinkers feel welcome and engaged. We believe in strengthening ties to the profession that drives our boat across multiple avenues, including university visits, legislative lobbying, event sponsorships. Our accomplished New Grad Mentors interact daily with our recruiters to give them a better understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the therapy profession to public health. Advanced Medical is proud to sponsor events like PT Pub Night and feels immense pride to be part of a profession that impacts lives for the better. Cheers to PT Pub Night and a big thanks to our tireless therapists, the true engine of our organization. Until next time…