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This past week, a well-deserved promotion was earned by our sultan of sales: Keeley Murphy Ownby. Keeley is moving into the role of Senior VP of Sales. Combining humor, knowledge, compassion, while bringing an intensely competitive edge, Keeley has been instrumental in bringing Advanced Medical to new heights. We thought it would be fun to ask Keeley about some of her favorite memories over the course of her tenure, as well as get some insight on where things are headed.

First off, congratulations on your promotion. When I look at the scores of recruiters you have managed successfully, it’s hard to think of anyone who has made a bigger stamp on this place then yourself. Tell us a little bit about your new role and how you’re feeling?

I feel amazing. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to reflect on your hard work and be proud of your accomplishments. But these accomplishments were not the work of one; it was the hard work and dedication of many, coupled with the generosity and guidance of my mentors. I am standing on some pretty tall shoulders!
We have big plans for growth in the next few years! My job will be to ensure that our sales team is prepared to meet the challenges of these initiatives. Coaching and mentoring our existing sales team and sourcing and training newcomers, will be just a few of my priorities.

Since you pre-date my arrival I have to ask: What was day 1 like at Advanced Medical?

I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I walked into a narrow storefront building, entered the front door, and was told to join the class that was already in session! I was early and they had already begun….talk about the walk of shame! Once the feeling of humiliation wore off, I remember being nervous but jazzed; I was ready for this new journey.

8 years…wait sorry, OVER 8 years at this place Keeley! We’ve come a long, long way – with dramatic moments and milestones littered throughout. Can you reflect on a few of your favorite memories?

That question chokes me up. I am going to sum this up in one sentence, Refer to Royal’s Power Point Presentation! In all sincerity, I have been blessed to share some truly amazing moments with some outstanding people and I am excited about creating new memories.

There has been no shortage of interesting characters coming through these doors the last 8 years. How have you managed to make the pieces fit and keep your sanity as we’ve grown?

I guess the best way to answer this question would be, you can’t “make” the pieces fit; they should just come together and if they don’t, learn from it and move on.

In that vein, we are somewhat known for our company events and contests, what in your mind is the goofiest thing we have done? And no reference to Beer Cart Friday is allowed.

Without a doubt, the Harlem Shake! We had so much participating in the YouTube “frenzy of the moment.” Our 32 seconds of fame will be something that the entire team can look back on years from now and with be goofy smile, say, “we were pretty *&%!  awesome.”

When we opened a Denver office a few years ago, we expected to see, shall we say, “stylistic differences” between the 2 locations.  Can you tell us about those differences?  And clichés concerning Birkenstocks, jeans shorts, or a certain Colorado law are prohibited.

1. The clichés are all true! 2. Denver is a soulful group, filled with caring, intelligent and creative minds. Daytona is a lively fast paced group, filled with passion, drive and grit. These “differences” have fashioned “unity” in being the best sales force in the industry.

We’ve been able to adapt and thrive in a healthcare environment that is constantly evolving. Where do you foresee change in healthcare recruiting and travel therapy in the future, if at all?

The travel therapy industry as a whole went through a tough time last year and while many companies were forced to scale back and postpone growth initiatives, we did just the opposite. We knew the industry would rebound in 2014 so we prepared for it. We hired more, we trained more and we invested more and as a result, we are growing at a steady pace. The healthcare travel industry is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, we are experiencing an increase in demand for quality therapist, an increase in bill rates, a decrease in client response time and an overall increase in GP; all signs of another great year on the horizon!

There will always be challenges in the healthcare staffing space, legislation, ACA, budgets, needs if the aging population, etc. but with ever changing climates, you have to stay focused on the things that should never change, your commitment to your craft, the commitment to your team and the commitment to your customers. Take care of those things and everything else will work itself out.

This place has always blown me away with its technology drive and its interaction with our recruiting team. Can you talk about some of the ways technology has impacted the recruiting process at Advanced Medical?

Some agencies struggle with the mindset that “it’s just the way we’ve always done it.” Or worse, “we don’t believe in investing in technology.” We couldn’t imagine a recruiting strategy without it. Our investments in technology coupled with sheer awesome talent, has propelled us to the top of the competitor food chain.

Lastly you’ve just been promoted to Senior VP of Sales, when are you going to Disney World?

I’d much rather hang out here with these characters!