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Amy Barnes

Director of Sales, South Dakota


Call Me: 605-413-4225 ext 244

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“Let the jobs help decide your path.” As a travel therapy recruiter, I adopt the mindset of “everything happens for a reason”. Letting the jobs help decide the path for your travel journey will ensure you stay working seamlessly, will challenge you to stay open minded to places and opportunities you haven’t considered before, and will create for you a solid reputation that will set you up to land that dream job when the time comes for you to plant roots.

Fun Fact

I have lived in 5 states and moved 8 times in my 30 some years of life, due to my dad’s sales career, as well as my own. Sales and Travel Therapy have more in common than one would think!
Let these hot jobs decide your path. Don’t wait, inquire now! I have never had a traveler regret traveling in general. I have had many travelers regret NOT traveling SOONER.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Advanced offers free continuing education for the first two years of our New Grad program. In this program, Advanced offers 1000 continued education courses available 24/7 for free.

Travel therapy positions through Advanced are typically located in highly esteemed facilities. These include cutting edge outpatient clinics, prestigious private practices, exceptional rehabilitation centers and senior living communities.

Yes, Advanced Travel Therapy offers Day-One health insurance coverage for our travel therapists.

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