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I am one of the Senior Recruiters in our Denver, CO office! I feel fortunate that I am able to get to know so many clinicians everyday, and help them follow their career path! I am extremely transparent and understanding, and will always guide you in the most sincere and honest way. I have been recruiting with Advanced for a few years and love what I do. When i'm not in the office you can find me hiking, at the gym, or spending time with my dog. If I'm out of the office, you can always email me and I will get back to you :)

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I was born and raised in Chicago, spent my college career in Michigan, and completed my internship at Disney World in Orlando. My collegiate background was in the Fashion Industry, and I have a strong passion for Healthcare, Fitness and Nutrition!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you choose an assignment in travel therapy, Advanced has a team of talented and experienced recruiters to ensure that your placement is in accord with your career aspirations, travel preferences and pretty much any other modifier that may come into play as you select the travel therapy position that makes sense for you.

Advanced provides staffing solutions for OT, PT, PTA, COTA and SLP travel therapy specialities.

Advanced provides 24 hour customer service and has a full time Clinical Director to assist you in resolving any issues may come up.

Travel therapy positions through Advanced are typically located in highly esteemed facilities. These include cutting edge outpatient clinics, prestigious private practices, exceptional rehabilitation centers and senior living communities.

Not at all. You become our employee and we pay you.

Yes, Advanced offers assignments in different areas. Search our jobs section to find out all the diverse locations currently available.

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