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Brandon Marshall

Senior Career Consultant


Call Me: 605-937-7455

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I’m a Senior Career Consultant working out of our South Dakota office. Finding a new short-term or long-term travel career can leave you wondering if you are making the right career decision. I work hand-in-hand with you, whether you are a NEW GRAD or a seasoned therapist, to ensure that you know all of the possible opportunities that are available and help you make an informed decision that will help grow your career. Although I like to joke around and always strive to make people laugh, I take your career goals and wants seriously and make sure I am available during the day, night or weekend to chat and listen to you.

Fun Fact

I’m originally from Chicago, have lived in CA and now live in Sioux Falls. Being close to Chicago, I often travel back there to see the Cubs. As a die-hard Cubs fan, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to a game in each playoff series (NLDS, NLCS, World Series) and went to the Championship Rally.
As a therapist, are you looking to travel, but want freelance flexibility? I’ll work with you during the day, night or weekend to find the best opportunity that fits your lifestyle, location preferences and future career goals. Call or email me to chat about how we can further your PT, PTA, COTA, OT, CF or SLP career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Advanced is better than working with other therapy job agencies because we have the ability and structure to market for individual needs. What does that mean? If you are a PT and you want HI, we will seek out opportunities for PT’s in HI instead of waiting for them to surface. However, our experienced recruiters will be truthful about the “odds” of this type of placement happening at any given point in your travel career and advise you appropriately. Did I mention we have the best recruiters around?

Travelers earn different pay depending on their individual placements, but typically travelers earn more than Permanent Therapists.

Yes, Advanced helps cover the cost of state licensure with our licensure reimbursement policy.


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