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Bryan Hagg

National Recruiter


Call Me: 605-413-4225 ext 200

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I am one of the National Therapy Recruiters working in our South Dakota office. Working for Advanced has become a dream position because I have the opportunity to work with some of the very best therapists who choose travel as a career. We build a positive working relationship centered on communication, transparency, and flexibility. I am 100% committed to the therapists I work with day in and day out. My goal is to help advance your travel career to new heights while still having fun and knowing where the jobs are at! If you are a PT, OT, or SLP – New Grad to 30+ years of experience – I want to be your one stop shop in the travel industry.

Fun Fact

Born and raised in South Dakota, so my Midwest work ethic kicks in! I spent 9 years as a high school educator and coach in SD and MN, and 2 years working on my Master’s degree in Communication. I love my family and friends first, but travel, photography, sports, theatre, music, food, and of course…Starbucks come in a close second!
Flexible on location and passionate about therapy? I’m the recruiter working for you! Let me tell you where the top travel jobs are at today. Give me a call or send me an e-mail to get your travel career started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to do as you please but your recruiter will explain to you that working with multiple agencies can potentially prohibit you from landing that perfect placement. If a client receives your profile from many agencies, they don’t have the time to go back to each agency and you to ask which company you prefer to work through. They will simply move on to the next candidate and you might not ever know if you would have been in the running for that particular job. Interview recruiters and agencies prior to submitting to any jobs. Pick one and go with it. We hope it will be Advanced! And make sure anyone who has your resume ALWAYS asks your permission to share it with anyone. That’s our policy here at Advanced.

It depends on the opening. Sometimes a district has enough of a caseload in one building that you will be there for the course of your entire contract. Other districts may need you to float from one building to another. In situations where you need to float during the day, we will try to arrange for you to stay on the clock during the travel time from building to building.

Advanced provides 24 hour customer service and has a full time Clinical Director to assist you in resolving any issues may come up.


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