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Eric TeSlaa

Senior Career Consultant


Call Me: 605-799-1720

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I am a Senior Career Consultant in our South Dakota office. I’m proud knowing that I am helping match therapists to a setting that will, in turn, help patients to live a better quality of life, all while allowing me the opportunity to help others develop their careers into a profession that fulfills their dreams. I have a professional demeanor but also love to laugh and have fun with my travelers as we work together to find the next step in their career path.

Fun Fact

Even though I didn’t know how to play an instrument, I started a band in graduate school while pursuing my MBA. Within 10 years, our band put out three albums and toured the country. This was where I truly fell in love with all the adventures that travel had to offer. Today I continue these wonderful adventures byway of my therapists, who span the country.
Want to travel, build your resume, make a great living, network and build you career at an exponential pace? Give me a shout today, I would love to chat and explain how I can help you achieve everything you have ever dreamt possible in a travel therapy career!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel assignments are typically 13 weeks in duration, however this varies based on the clients' needs. School contracts are usually 9 months.

Depends on the situation. If you are applying for a position that doesn’t start for a couple months, then no. If you are applying to an ASAP start position, then yes.

Travelers earn different pay depending on their individual placements, but typically travelers earn more than Permanent Therapists.


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