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Jill Graham

Senior Therapy Recruiter / Mentor Lead


Call Me: 303-558-1002 ext 306

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I am a Senior Therapy Recruiter and a Mentor Lead in our Denver, CO office. I’ve been working with Advanced for two years and can honestly say it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had! I am a wanderer at heart and can relate to anyone who wants to see and do as much as they can in life. I'm good at my job because I want to help fulfill my travelers' dreams. That’s what I would want someone to do for me. I pride myself on working with the best traveling therapists and placing them across the U.S. If you are looking for something new, I would love to talk about how we can strive to achieve your personal and professional goals!

Fun Fact

I was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma. I’ve got a “do everything while you are able” attitude because life is short and I believe in living it to the fullest, so I moved to Denver 3 years ago on a complete whim to try something new. I knew no one and had never even been to CO before, but I haven’t once regretted taking the leap and as a result of doing so I’ve not only found the best job I’ve ever had, but I’ve met some of the best people and made long lasting friends in the last 3 years!
I’ve got exclusive jobs in the hottest markets. Do you want to go to California, Colorado, the Big Apple?! Not sure what you want do? That’s OK. That’s why I am here, let’s find the perfect fit for you together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. You are no required to travel with Advanced if you have filled out an application and your information is always kept confidential.

Depends on the situation. If you are applying for a position that doesn’t start for a couple months, then no. If you are applying to an ASAP start position, then yes.

Working with Advanced is better than working with other therapy job agencies because we have the ability and structure to market for individual needs. What does that mean? If you are a PT and you want HI, we will seek out opportunities for PT’s in HI instead of waiting for them to surface. However, our experienced recruiters will be truthful about the “odds” of this type of placement happening at any given point in your travel career and advise you appropriately. Did I mention we have the best recruiters around?


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