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Joe Beach

National Recruiter / Department Mentor


Call Me: 386-310-0084

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I have been Recruiting in the Therapy industry for many years and I’ve worked in healthcare even longer. I’m married to an OT and I have 2 other therapists in my immediate family. I have developed a stellar reputation in the therapy community due to a strong dedication to my travelers. I have a deep passion for my role as a Recruiter, which is proven each time I provide a great experience for one of my travelers.

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I’m a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a marathon runner, a proud father of 2 amazing kids, and a very dedicated husband.
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Yes, Advanced Travel Therapy offers Day-One health insurance coverage for our travel therapists.
Yes, Advanced offers assignments in different areas. Search our jobs section to find out all the diverse locations currently available.

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