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Kristie Yakovich

National Therapy Recruiter


Call Me: 386-756-4395 ext. 215

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I have been recruiting for 7 years now and absolutely love what I do! I make friends and find them jobs-what could be better?! Finding the right fit for my therapists and making sure they truly enjoy travel is something that I’m extremely passionate about. I’m a very laid back recruiter to my therapists but not afraid to be aggressive to get the opportunities that we are looking for.

Fun Fact

I’m a traveler at heart-although I’ve been in Florida for 8 years now! I’m originally from OH; however moved to HI after college, then Germany, and finally set some roots in FL. I LOVE animals and have 3 dogs and a cat and am usually the go to for any animal questions from my friends or colleagues.
Let’s chat about what you’re looking for and find out if travel is right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose Advanced because we have the ability and structure to market for individual needs. That means that if you are a PT and you want Hawaii, we will seek out opportunities for PT’s in Hawaii instead of waiting for them to surface. However, our experienced recruiters will be truthful with you about the “odds” of this type of placement happening at any given point in your travel career and advise you appropriately. Also, we've got the best recruiters around.

Yes, Advanced offers $500 referral bonuses to start. However, referrals can earn you up to $13,000 in no time! Learn more:
Nope. You are no required to travel with Advanced if you have filled out an application and your information is always kept confidential.

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