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Now that Summer is in full swing, we’re showcasing a career consultant from our sunny Florida office: Kristie Yakovich! Kristie is a new mom with an extensive knowledge of the therapy industry and how contract jobs work. From pay and insurance questions to what are the best areas to travel to, she’s got you covered.

Kristie Yakovich is one of the best recruiters to have—she listens to your wants/needs and sets you up at a great location and facility to work for. She’s always quick to respond and goes the extra mile to help you get anything you need accomplished.”

Meet Kristie Yakovich

What do you love about your job?

I love that I get paid to make friends and find them jobs! I talk to my travelers more than anyone-I truly enjoy getting to know them and being involved in their personal and professional growth. I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few of my travelers over the years as well-it’s always so nice getting to meet these therapists that I know so well but have never actually met in person.

What makes you unique as a recruiter?

I’m a very laid back recruiter (to my therapists…my account managers may not agree!) I believe that my therapists know themselves best and also know what they’re comfortable with and it’s my job to find them the right position, not just push them into any old position. I also have a great understanding of all the departments here at Advanced, so I’m able to assist my therapists in areas that many recruiters may not be able to (pay questions, credentialing questions, insurance, etc). Some may also say I’m a bit OCD and a control freak…which I personally think makes me a stronger recruiter!

What’s your favorite traveler story?

Oh goodness-hard to choose! I’d say my favorite traveler stories (yes, plural!) have to be where my therapists have ended up going to locations that they weren’t necessarily too gung ho to go to and then ended up loving it there and/or meeting their now spouses! I had one traveler who I sent to Yuma, AZ…she’s now married to a fella she met there and traveling all over the world with him! I’ve had other therapists meet their spouses while traveling too…so I like to think that I have played a part in quite a few marriages! I also enjoy when my therapists fall in love with a location and end up wanting to stay; I know I’ve done a great job when this happens!

Do you have any advice for new grad?

Be open, have fun, and work with a recruiter that you completely trust! This process can be stressful but knowing that you have a solid recruiter taking care of you can help to take some of that stress off of your shoulders. And, if you think you want to travel…do it! I work primarily with new graduates and have never had someone tell me they regret making the choice to travel. They may not travel forever BUT most of my new grads travel for a year before settling down and have said that the experience makes them a better and stronger person and therapist.

How do you spend your time when you’re not recruiting?

I’m a new mom to an amazingly perfect almost 6 month old little boy, Cove, so I spend most of my time outside of the office with him and my boyfriend. We also have 5 dogs and a cat-so they help to keep me busy too. When I’m not entertaining Cove or my zoo, I enjoy doing yoga (I’m an instructor but prefer doing yoga vs. teaching it!), working out, hiking, surfing and going to the beach. I also LOVE traveling…so once Cove gets a little bit older we will be sure to hit the road and work on experiencing more of the world.

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