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Is there a sweeter way to get extra cash in your pocket? We don’t think so! With our Sugar Rewards Program, the more therapists you refer to Advanced Travel Therapy, the more money you get. Each referral is worth $500 and you get a $$ bonus for every third referral.

That means you could earn $13,000! Pretty sweet!



Here are a few things to keep in mind when referring a therapist to a travel or contract assignment:

Make sure your referral is new to Advanced.


You don’t have to currently work for Advanced to refer someone.


Once they’ve completed an assignment of at least 10 weeks with a minimum 36 hours/week, you’ll receive your Sugar Reward within 30 days.


Know a PT looking to explore some of the best hiking spots in the states? Or are you friends with an OT hoping to spend the Summer near the ocean? Maybe your coworker is an SLP trying to get a job for the upcoming school year? Refer a therapist to Advanced Travel Therapy and get some cold hard cash!