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Since 1989, Advanced Medical has been the go-to company for therapists who want to take their skills on the road and challenge themselves to do more and be more. We’ve always been inspired by the adventurous spirit of our travelers , so we’ve decided to follow in their footsteps.

Starting today, we’re dropping the “Medical” in Advanced Medical. We’re just Advanced. But don’t let that ‘just’ fool you. It doesn’t mean that we’re changing our focus, it means we’re preparing for the future.


Along with Travel Therapy, you may have noticed that we’ve teamed up with IPI Travel and Rise Medical Staffing to build out our nursing division, and we are placing a stronger emphasis on school staffing as well.

So we’ve created three business lines that let our travelers choose where to place their focus.

This sums it up pretty well:

Now you can go with Advanced no matter what your focus is:

am_tt_logo_hor_color – Focusing on the best travel therapy jobs for PT’s, OT’s and SLP’s.

am_tn_logo_hor_color – Formerly Advanced Surgical, we’ll be bringing IPI Travel and Rise Staffing under the Advanced Travel Nursing brand in the coming months.

am_ss_logo_hor_color – We wanted to give specific focus to our School positions, and we’ll be launching our new School Staffing site soon. (You can catch a sneak-peek in the video above).


Our main company brand is now located at

So, where do you want to go with Advanced? More importantly – where can we go next? We’re excited for the future, and we know these are the brands that will take us there.

Go With Advanced. We’ll see you out there.