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The Advanced Travel Therapy Wallet Widget allows PTs, OTs, and SLPs to find their salary sweet spot anywhere in the country. Although employment rates and salaries for these allied health professions are on the rise according to the BLS, there are still variances in therapists' salaries. There are many factors like location and setting, that will impact how much each individual therapist will actually make.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could figure out how much you should or could be making in any given location in the country? Well, now you can do all that and more using The Advanced Travel Therapy Wallet Widget. It offers you information that covers states, cost of living in specific cities within those states, wage and salary averages, and other information that can help you make educated decisions about your career moves. You can have a customized report sent right to your inbox that takes your discipline and tailored query into account. Enjoy!

  1. Physical Therapy

    Although you probably got into physical therapy to help others reach their full potential, great pay doesn’t hurt. The BLS states that the median pay for PTs across the country is currently $84,020. This average, however, does not reflect how compensation will change according to location. Our Wallet Widget can help you!

    Find your PT Salary Sweet Spot

  2. Occupational Therapy

    The mean annual wage for OTs is currently $78,210 according to the BLS. The national average, however only tells a fraction of the story. You can use our Wallet Widget to better understand how location can impact your overall compensation by getting local data.

    Find your OT Salary Sweet Spot

  3. Speech Language Pathology

    SLPs can enjoy an exceptional salary. The range of pay across the nation, however, is relatively large with the lowest 10% of wages sitting around $47,070, and the 90% percentile around $116,810. Location is one of the factors that greatly affects how much you will make. Use our Wallet Widget to find your perfect place and pay.

    Find your SLP Salary Sweet Spot