att_vday_signs_03Scholarships for SLPs in graduate school can range in amount from the hundreds to the thousands. With several different sources for funding and different eligibility requirements for each award, setting out to find the financial help you need may be a little daunting.

Typically, it takes two years to get a master’s degree in speech-language pathology (SLP) or communication sciences and disorders (CSD). This is the minimum level of education for a practicing and licensed SLP.

According to Education Cost Helper, the average yearly cost of tuition and fees to earn a master’s degree in CSD or SLP at a public university ranges from $23,000 to $75,000. Many factors can impact this figure including state of residence. Taking other expenses into consideration, such as books and cost of living, these averages go up to $50,000-$125,000 per year.

If these numbers make you a little nervous, we don’t blame you! But don’t fret, the financial future of SLPs is promising. It is totally worth it to take the journey to your ideal SLP job.  According to SLPs on average make over $73,000 a year and U.S. News reported that the highest earning SLPs made over $114,840 a year. Ultimately, your education in speech-language pathology is worth it but there is no harm in getting help along the way.This guide will put you on the path to finding the scholarships you need!

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Scholarship Tips and Tricks for the Grad School SLP

  1. Search far and wide. Scholarships for SLPs come from various sources. You can get funding from the federal and state governments, professional SLP organizations, universities, private organizations, foundations, and more. Here are a few places to get your search started:
    1. ASHAs Financial and Funding Opportunities Page
    2. American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Awards Page
    3. College Scholarships
  2. Plan by eligibility requirements. As you are searching for scholarships, list all those you are eligible for. There are scholarships that are awarded based on academic excellence, merit, gender, minority status, work with a specific population, attendance in a specific university or state, NSSLHA membership, and much more.
  3. Apply to as many funding opportunities as you possibly can. If you found multiple scholarships you are eligible for, apply to all of them. The more sources of funding the better!
  4. Don’t skip the smaller awards. Scholarships can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Don’t dismiss the smaller ones, they will add up in the end!
  5. The harder it is to apply for a scholarship the less competition you will have. Many scholarships require paperwork, essays, and even proposals. Keep in mind, the easier it is to apply for a scholarship, the more candidates you will have to compete against. The harder the application the better your odds of winning.
  6. Grants are a great source of funding and reputation building. Grants can be a good way to get funding while pursuing research in CSD. Getting a grant is also a big deal in terms of building your resume and your reputation among peers, faculty, and within the profession at large. ASHF offers multiple research grants.
  7. Don’t be afraid to brag or be unique. The application and essay are your chances to shine, so don’t be afraid to toot that horn!
  8. Everything. Twice! Spelling and grammar mistakes can sabotage even the best applications. Proofread until you just can’t do it anymore. After you are done have someone else look at it too. A few times.
  9. Don’t give up! Your education and commitment to SLP are worth fighting for even if there are hurdles along the way.


3 Awesome Scholarships for SLP Students

McLaren-Flint Speech Language Pathologist Scholarship

This scholarship awards up to $6000 annually to an SLP student in an accredited U.S. master’s program. The student must complete all requirements and maintain a 3.0 GPA or above.

Lorraine T. Cole Minority Student Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is offered to American Indian, Asian, African American, and Hispanic students. It provides up to $5,000 to minority students that are part of an accredited graduate SLP program and demonstrate exceptional professional promise.

ASHF General Graduate Student Scholarships

The ASHF offer up to 15 graduate scholarships to students entering or enrolled in master’s or doctoral SLP programs. The scholarships are awarded in the amount of $5,000 to full-time students in accredited U.S. programs who demonstrate academic and personal merit, and have received no previous funding from ASHF.


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