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Goodbye August, I can’t say I am sad to see you go. Your temperature is muggy and oppressive, your sports calendar is a wasteland, and you are completely devoid of any cool holidays. In fact, August 15th is National Failures Day, seriously, look it up. Worst of all, the Advanced Medical calendar goes almost completely dark in August. Now we get to turn the page: kids return to school, mosquitoes start to wind down their wrath, labor day means “no labor”, and Advanced Medical is back on the move.


Let’s take a look at some significant events shaping the September dance card:


September 8th: World PT Day – Put on by the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, the day spotlights the growing globalization of the profession and celebrates the increasing visibility and influence of the physical therapy community.


September 8th-10th: SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit – This conference brings together healthcare staffing leaders from a host of segments to strategize, inform, and network.  The Dallas-based event also prepares executives on how to thrive in a changing healthcare landscape.


September 12th: St. Augustine University Career Fair – Always one of our favorite campus visits, St. Augustine alumni have made a profound impact on our organization. The program is known for its one of a kind OT/PT Dual Degree option.  We have been proud to feature multiple St. Augustine graduates as traveling mentors.


September 15th: AOTA Hill Day – This annual blitz on congressional offices to lobby for issues critical to occupational therapists continues to grow. The DC event will highlight issues such as the Medicare Therapy Cap and the role of occupational therapy in mental health.  Stay tuned for an informative future post, recapping the event.


September 17th: AOTA National School Backpack Awareness Day – Did you know that carrying heavy backpacks and bags can lead to serious back and posture issues? The AOTA aims to help bring awareness on this under the radar issue by helping students and educators choose the right backpack and learn how to properly handle the cargo. Advanced Schools will honor this day by giving out lightweight drawstring backpacks.

Until next time…