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This week’s episode brings you a new viewpoint on travel therapy, through our in-depth conversation with Elle Celestino, a senior recruiter at Advanced. Elle shares her own experiences as a recruiter and highlights useful tips and perspective on the candidate hiring process, what makes a standout candidate, the foundation of a successful recruiter-clinician relationship, and much more.

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We Discuss

Introductions and Elle’s role with Advanced (01:56);

What Elle likes to learn about a therapist in their initial meeting (03:00);

What clinical experiences make a standout candidate (04:57);

How to instill confidence in a new grad candidate (07:14);

Positive and negative feedback heard after candidate interviews (10:42);

Preparing a clinician for a transition into a new setting (16:33);

The relationship building process between recruiter and candidate (24:36);

About Elle Celestino
Elle Celestino has been with Advanced for over four years. She has worked closely with the clinical team, as well as with therapists in schools and medical settings. She is based in Austin, TX and has a strong passion for working with new grads, health and fitness, as well as traveling!