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In this episode, we welcome special guests Lisa Kathman MS, CCC-SLP and Sarah Bevier MS, CCC-SLP, to share the wisdom they used to create their revolutionary software, SLP Toolkit. Using SLP Toolkit as a focal point, Lisa and Sarah share their perspective on current challenges faced by SLPs, creating (s.m.a.r.t.) SLP goals, staying organized, and more.

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We Discuss

Introduction to Lisa and Sarah and their SLP career journeys (00:57);

The origin of SLP Toolkit (07:01); 

Current challenges faced by SLPs (15:07); 

Creating SMART SLP goals (25:10); 

Staying organized as an SLP (32:11); 

What confidence looks like in CFs and SLPs (41:26); 

About Lisa Kathman MS, CCC-SLP & Sarah Bevier MS, CCC-SLP

Lisa and Sarah are both school-based SLPs and the co-founders of SLP Toolkit—a one-stop-shop for SLPs to store, organize, and take action with the data collected from their caseloads. 

Where You Can Find Them:

Instagram: @slptoolkit


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