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On May 10th, Advanced Medical management found themselves at the Doubletree hotel in downtown Orlando for the Smart Awards.  The event sought to recognize innovative and growing businesses, while also celebrating the strong rebound of the Central Florida economy.  The event featured networking events, lunch, and guest speakers for over 200 Central Florida business executives.  Included in the 9 winners was Westgate Resorts in the Tourism and Hospitality category.  President David Siegel recently became somewhat notorious with the release of the documentary the Queen of Versailles.  The “car crash” quality movie follows the timeshare mogul and his flashy wife as they set out to build an eye popping French estate in Central Florida.  The project runs headfirst into the economic downturn, which in turn makes for a movie:  equal parts horror story, perverse comedy, and poignant morality play.  In short, it’s a great watch.


Getting back to the point of the post.  Advanced Medical was a company nominated for its ability to show growth during the economic downturn.  Our people first philosophies coupled with a flexible business model allowed us to thrive while others struggled.  Featured speaker, Thomas Sittema, CEO of CNL financial group, echoed our vision with his talk of corporate responsibility.  Sittema stressed the importance of community involvement and empowering employees by providing a healthy work environment.  Our dual owners share contrasting strengths and visions in the following videos.  Their collaborative framework allows for a diverse, creative, and loyal team working within our walls.  You can view the videos below.


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