Welcome! This is where your journey with travel therapy begins! You are probably here because you:

...are an experienced therapist who has heard about travel therapy but wasn’t sure what it was about.

...are a Speech Language Pathologist and are looking for better opportunities for your Clinical Fellowship Year.

...have recently graduated college and want to start your career in the best way possible.

...heard about staffing companies but weren’t sure how they actually work for you.

...are awesome.

So let’s go through it, from start to finish. In just a few minutes you’ll know exactly how travel therapy can take your career into a whole new, exciting direction.


what is travel therapy

Travel therapy is getting paid to do what you do now in places all across the country that are in need of your skills.

Right now there are more therapy jobs available than therapists to fill them. Meaning, if you are willing to take your skills on the road for a minimum of 13 weeks at a time, you can travel the United States, make great money and build your career at the same time! Just graduated college? Travel therapy is a great way for you to kickstart your career right out of school. Travel therapy positions available through our New Grad program are specifically designed for therapists beginning their professional career. In addition, we'll pair you with a travel mentor who can guide you through those first few steps in your journey. If you are an SLP and need to finish your CFY, there are a lot of opportunities to complete it in a travel position. You don’t have to limit yourself to positions in your current city.


why be a travel therapist

You already have the therapy skills - why not apply them in new and exciting ways? And get some great benefits!

Great Pay

According to Indeed, Travel Therapists can make up to 20% more yearly than the average salary of a non-traveling therapist.

Paid Staycations

See and experience new places that you never thought you’d go. And get paid while you are doing it.

Variety of Experience

Your career will benefit from working with a diverse pool of patients, co-workers and facilities. Your resume will grow and your bucket list of places to travel will shrink!

Complete Freedom

Choose where you work, when and for how long. Take the summer off. Make your own seasons. You choose your schedule. You do you!
For those who like to challenge themselves to be more and do more, Travel Therapy is an amazing opportunity that pays off in more ways than just monetarily.


How do I start traveling?

This all sounds pretty good, right? We think so, which is why we are one of the biggest travel-exclusive therapy staffing companies in the nation.

So what does a staffing company actually do for you?

It’s simple, really. We find facilities all across the nation that have therapy positions available, and then find the best fits for those positions (that’s you). It’s as simple as that — we work for you, not the other way around. You don’t pay Advanced Travel Therapy for anything, ever.

We pair you with a recruiter who gets to know you, your skills and career goals. That way they can find and offer you positions that are a great fit, rather than making you fit the position.

Once you’ve accepted an offered position, it’s time to pack your bags because you are on your way! Advanced Travel Therapy gives you generous housing stipends and travel expense reimbursements. You’ll also receive full benefits, day one. The average assignment is 13 weeks. You can choose to extend your assignment, or move onto a new adventure elsewhere. It’s up to you.

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