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Maybe you first heard about travel therapy through Instagram or Facebook. A friend from the clinic you used to work at keep posting photos from new places. “How does she have time for all those vacations?” you ask yourself until, finally, you just ask her.

She tells you about Travel Therapy, and it sounds amazing. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to travel and do the job you already do?

But there is that part of your brain that starts listing excuses:

  • “Where will I live? It sounds complicated.” (We pay for your housing, and it isn’t).
  • “I have to complete my CF or get my CCC before I travel.” (Nope! Check this out).
  • “I can’t bear to think of leaving ‘Sir Poochington’ at home while I travel!” (You can bring his royal highness and any other pet on your travels).
  • “What if I feel like I’m starting over or I’m not sure what I’m doing?” (Our travel mentors have been in your shoes and are there for you every step of the way).

No more excuses!

It’s time for your adventure to begin. Clicking that button will take you the page that will explain how to start your journey, step-by-step. It’s cleverly named “Start Here.” You can do it.

It will take your 5 minutes to read, and if you have any questions afterward, we have a whole crew of people who are awesome at answering your Travel Therapy questions. Seriously. It’s their jobs.

See you out there!