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We all play the main character in the story of our own life, so it’s normal to want to try and make it as interesting and exciting as possible. You could have taken a local therapy job – stayed within your comfort zone and carved out a completely respectable and comfortable career for yourself as a PT, OR or SLP.

However, something called you outside of that comfort zone, a voice urging you to try new things and seek out more challenges. Experiences that you can’t have when you play it safe. That’s why you chose to be a travel therapist, and Advanced is happy to help make those experiences for the adventure-seeking set like you.

Your stories, our storytelling.

So you have stories, and we want to hear them! Whether it’s funny, touching, inspiring, sad, or profound. Each travel experience is a lightning rod for something interesting to happen, and we want to help bring your tales to a larger audience.

How do you do it? Easy! Bookmark this page right here and write us a note when something interesting happens. Did you make a connection with a patient? Share it. What about an unbelievable weekend roadtrip? Tell us! Was your Uber ride to your new apartment insane? We want to hear about it!

We’ll take the best stories and work with you to turn them into shareable bites you can share with the world – a blog post, a newsletter, or even a video!

Feel like something happened but it’s not worth a thousand words? Use a picture! Tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #GoWithAdvanced. We love seeing our therapists experiencing everything that life has to offer.

The best stories aren’t usually something we seek out, they just happen. When they do, let Advanced help you tell it!