Refer someone to Advanced and get some sweet sugar sent your way.

Here at Advanced, we want to provide amazing experiences for our traveling therapists. So what can make a positive experience even sweeter? Sugar Rewards - the best way to refer a friend or colleague to Advanced Travel Therapy. We are always seeking out talented therapists who are looking to take their career on the road, so we thought we’d toss in something sweet for the people that help us do that.

Here's how it works

Each referral is worth $1000.

**Advanced reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion terms at any time with or without notice.

Sweet, right?

That means if you can introduce 6 friends, neighbors, or colleagues to Advanced Travel Therapy, you can get an extra $6,000 in your cookie jar.

That’s a lot of sugar.


It’s super easy to get with the program - just fill out this form to get that honey flowing.

doughnut Make sure your referral is new to Advanced Medical.
doughnut You don’t have to currently work for Advanced Medical to refer someone.
doughnut Once they’ve completed an assignment of at least 10 weeks with a minimum 36 hours/week, you’ll receive your Sugar Reward within 30 days of completion.

What will you do with

Your Sugar?

Explore Your Travel Destination

Currently on an amazing Travel Therapy assignment? Get out there and explore more with a little extra cash in your pocket. An extra $1000 can go a long way toward becoming a real regular in the new city you call home. Be sure to share your experience with #GoWithAdvanced

Sweet Goodbye to Student Loans

Are you a new grad with some student loans to pay off? Getting your classmates on board with Advanced means some serious sugar to go toward those loans. Reach out to your student network and kiss your debt goodbye!

Invest In Yourself

Wanted to try out some new therapy equipment or continue your education in the field? Use your referral money to increase your expertise and open yourself up to more therapy facilities and opportunities.



Questions about Sugar Rewards?

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Contact Advanced Travel Therapy and we’ll get back to you right away!