Lisa Camarda

Physical Therapist

As someone who yearned to travel but felt financial (student loans) and professional barriers would severely limit that desire, Lisa Camarda was immediately drawn to the generous pay and panoramic lifestyle of travel therapy. Lisa grew up about a 40min drive from the Big Apple in Fanwood, NJ, where she was an active soccer player. Her love of soccer has not diminished as she enjoys seeking out local leagues with each assignment to stay engaged and meet new people. Lisa earned her DPT from Northeastern University in Boston. The 6-year program (undergrad/grad) offered a unique cooperative educational program, which included twin 6-month experiences, as well as 36 weeks of rotating clinical experience in outpatient, inpatient, and specialty environments. Lisa had the benefit of doing her co-ops at the prestigious Tufts Medical Center and the Spaulding Rehab Hospital. The diverse clinical experiences at Northeastern gave her a well rounded skill-set that has fueled her success in a variety of settings. As a sign of her dedication to travel, Lisa purchased a Prius immediately after graduation to prepare for a life on the road. Lisa is currently licensed in NJ,MA, HI, and CA and looks forward to sharing her wisdom with our new grad travelers.