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Have you heard about teletherapy, but weren’t quite sure how it can fit into your career? Make a difference. Apply with us and see how easy it is to begin your journey as a teletherapist!

Therapy Through Technology

Advanced Medical is excited to be on the forefront of the changing therapy world with our exclusive Teletherapy positions. Using technology that everyone is already familiar with, you can provide expert SLP therapy to patients all across the nation — all without leaving your home. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

  1. Flexibility

    Teletherapy offers your unprecedented flexibility: work when you can, wherever you want.

  2. Work From Home

    You'll never have a quicker commute than the one from your bedroom to your computer.

  3. Get Ahead of the Curve

    Be part of the newest form of SLP therapy, and be ahead of the curve while everyone else runs to catch up.

  4. Satisfaction

    Provide a valuable service to people who previously may not have had access to Speech Language Pathology.

  1. Supervise Clinical Fellows

    Do you enjoy providing mentorship and supervision to Clinical Fellows during their Clinical Fellowship? Why not do it through Telesupervision? The flexibility and opportunity offered through telesupervision means you can help new graduate SLP’s complete their Clinical Fellowship at your convenience.

  2. Amazing Mentorship

    Our Advanced Mentors are highly qualified and experienced travelers who are there to help you with invaluable clinical insight and all-around travel support. Every Advanced Mentor has been right where you are, so you'll never feel alone.

Meet the Advanced Mentors

  • Barbara Jones, MS, CCC-SLP

    Barbara Jones has joined the Advanced team after more than 20 years in the public schools, and 4 years as a graduate clinical instructor in the University setting. Having served in both rural and city public schools as a speech-language pathologist, Barbara is looking forward to mentoring new SLPs as they begin their careers. Her favorite areas are autism, social communication and literacy, but she is a fan of all areas of treatment in preschool and school aged populations. Her goal is to help starting clinicians to gain excellence and personal satisfaction in their chosen profession.

  • Dawn Penrod, MS, CCC-SLP

    Dawn has been working for Advanced Medical since 2012. She has worked the past 35 years in almost all SLP settings from schools, to acute care, to SNF's, and is licensed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Dakota. Her husband of 35 years travels across the country with her and she has two wonderful adult children, a son in law and three grand dogs. Dawn loves to read and scrapbook when she has free time. She is looking forward using her wide ranging clinical skills to help mentor clinical fellows as they start their careers.

  • Melissa Jones, MS, CCC-SLP

    Travel therapy has allowed Melissa to visit every state on the western half of the United States with her husband and their dog. She is also our Clinical Director here at Advanced. She is an incredible therapist, leader, and mentor.

Barbara Jones

Dawn Penrod

Melissa Jones

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