Texas Speech Therapy jobs are available through Advanced Medical. We have the best opportunities for travelling SLPs that offer flexibility, top pay and excellent benefits. Plus we have our own experienced recruiters who can provide you with a professional approach to finding the perfect Texas SLP job.

Advanced Medical carries a level of prestige that is second to none. Our Texas Speech Therapy jobs include a variety of benefits including:

  • Free outstanding housing or substantial housing allowance
  • Exceptional benefits package
  • Great compensation
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Choice of When and Where to Work
  • Excellent Reputation of Working for One of the Top Travelling Therapy Companies

We have openings for Texas SLP jobs with tremendous opportunities for a successful career working in one of the top areas of the country. Let Advanced Medical help you reach your financial and personal goals.

All That Texas Has to Offer

Texas is the second largest state in the US with a total of 268,820 square miles. With so much history, attractions, culture and its huge population, Texas is an exciting place to be. Some of America’s favorite cities including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio are booming with activities and culture. The climate varies throughout the entire state. From snow in the northern part to extreme heat in the southern tip, Texas exhibits all four seasons. Come enjoy all that Texas has to offer and be part of this close knit community.

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