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Are robot doctors in your future? That’s the enticing (or ominous depending on your feelings on robots) question that comes to mind after reading this infographic. The tip comes courtesy of a long time reader of this blog, and since we have featured a number of posts on technology, including the rapidly changing face of prosthetics, I thought this would be fun for everyone to check out. The link comes courtesy of It also doesn’t hurt that our IT marketing team LOVES infographics.  The well-designed chart shows a rolling history of robotics in medicine, ranging from the 1960 IBM machine dubbed “the brains” to ingestible computers called smart pills that reminded me of the wild 80’s movie “Innerspace” starring Martin Short, in which a shrunken Dennis Quaid is injected into his body.



My personal favorite is the “Cosmobot”, a cute little robot that aids in the therapy of developmentally disabled children.  The graph also plays up a study of the benefits of video games for practicing physicians; a study that I intend to keep away from my toddler.  There is no denying the speed in which technology is changing the face of medicine, but one area that could be a concern regarding artificial intelligence would be the lack of emotional connection between patients and caregivers. This isn’t just a concern in medicine as we see employers continually looking for ways to use automation rather than human labor. Self-checkout groceries coming your way are a good example of this. However, this huge surge in healthcare technology has had positive effects that far outweigh the negative. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see new technological developments and how they put to use in the the medical field. Feel free to check out the infographic below!


How do you feel about having a robot doctor? Does computer precision surpass the human touch?