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There are multiple mobile apps and websites available to assist travel therapists with everything from scanning, to driving directions, accommodations, and hiking.  Here’s a run-down of our favorite free or low-cost apps for busy travel medical professionals.

Gas Buddy

Updated in real-time, GasBuddy lets you search for Gas Prices by city, state, zip code, with listings for all cities in the USA and Canada.


This free app allows you to get the best routes in real-time with help from fellow drivers. Also, check out their carpool options.

HomeAway and VRBO

Search for accommodations for your full travel therapy contract or vacations and getaways.


Discover millions of places, like local diners and quirky roadside attractions, or scenic points, national parks, and hotels. “You’re always 5 minutes away from something awesome!”


Quickly scan multipage documents in high-quality PDFs or JPEGs, name, store and send them anywhere.


The world’s “fastest and most secure VPN app.” Protect yourself from cyber threats wherever you are connected.


Wherever you might be, quickly find the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail run by length, rating, and difficulty level.


A great platform to connect with other travelers and share your lifestyle. Follow hashtags like #travelOT, #travelPT and #travelSLP to find other therapists and share experiences.


Great for texting over WiFi, especially when you’re traveling abroad and want to avoid hefty international data rates.

Airline Apps

Airlines have upped their mobile application game in the past few years. Check-in, view your boarding pass, upgrade your seat, and get flight updates all in one place. Here are the most popular airline apps you should consider having.








Virgin Atlantic

These are our list of must-have apps to help any traveler. What are your favorite apps to use for travel therapy? Drop us a line below!

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