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OT, PT, and SLP are consistently named as one of the best jobs to have, and this year is no different. US News and Glassdoor both released their 2018 Best Jobs list and we’re excited to share that therapy made the list. For the US News overall listing, OT came in 11 and PT came in 12, while SLP came in 38. PTA also came high on the list at #20.  In the list for best healthcare jobs, OT came in 8 and PT in 9. Therapy jobs have a high salary, low unemployment rate, and the industry is only expected to grow in the future. US News found that therapists have less stress than other professionals and a better work/life balance.

In the Glassdoor Top 50 Jobs in America, occupational therapy cracked the top five, coming in at #4. Beating out HR Managers and electrical engineers, Glassdoor found that OT received a higher job satisfaction score. SLPs also made the Top 50 list at #35. Not only do therapists help others maintain their independence, but they consistently improve their quality of life. 

We’re curious to see if travel and contract positions helped therapy rank higher than other career choices. With the ability to work easily work in multiple settings throughout the year, travel therapists can grow their resume, expand clinical knowledge, and work with a robust variety of professionals and patients. With the flexibility of taking a new assignment every 13 weeks, they can also travel more freely than those in permanent positions.

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