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As we charge into spring, let’s quickly look at some of the buzzworthy items making headlines in the therapy community.

OT Month

It’s here!  Coinciding with this week’s AOTA conference in Chicago, April is the month of choice for celebrating the profession that enables one to live life to its fullest. This year’s slogan-Solutions to the challenges of everyday life – is beautiful in its direct distillation of the vital nature of the profession. These dedicated professionals use evidence and outcomes to shape the lives of millions for the better. The month will be filled with events (both big and small), social media bustle, government proclamations, and personal testimonials from occupational therapists and their patients. As for Advanced Medical, we’ll be joining in the hoopla with cool giveaways, spotlight features of our valued OT mentors, and guest blog posts focused on the benefits of travel therapy from an OT perspective. Stay tuned all month long at #OTMonth.

PT Transforms Blog

This blog has always been interested in discovering smart and informative writing that covers the therapy profession. A new blog lifting off this week is an exciting addition to the lineup. The APTA now has an offering that features diverse association voices sharing their insights on the weighty topics surrounding physical therapy. The pieces are meant to inspire, provoke, and inform, while shining a light on the powerful (PT) transformations happening across the therapy spectrum. This formula is brilliantly illustrated right out of the gate with APTA president Sharon L. Dunn, PT PhD, OCS, discussing impending payment reform and APTA chair of the Scientific Advisory Panel James Irrgang, PT, Phd, ATC, FAPTA, on: why the professional must waste no time in building its outcomes data. We look forward to soaking up the wisdom of these talented voices. You can jump in and read the debut here.

APTA Federal Advocacy Forum

As we speak, scores of physical therapists and DPT students are busy strategizing an aggressive lobbying effort on Capitol Hill tomorrow (April 5). The APTA advocacy forum has always been a dynamic event that exhibits boisterous pride in the PT profession through direct communication with our nation’s leaders. This blog has covered (and attended) this event and the critical issues that continue to be shaped through strong advocacy and informed discussion. Being in the crowd of hundreds waving PT transforms placards on the Congressional grounds last year was a vivid endeavor that strengthened my admiration for these professionals going the extra mile to make their voices heard. This years event will add the hot topic of alternative payment models to the mix. Participants will get detailed briefings on the APTA role in shaping future plans towards incentive-based payment reform.  In addition to the policy discussions, attendees will get valuable insight on being an effective citizen lobbyist. This includes tips on how to use social media, etiquette on congressional office visits, and the importance of staying on message. Keep track of all the excitement here.

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