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Researching travel companies can often be a confusing and tedious task.  The fluid nature of accepting short assignments in places of need means therapists must make informed choices quickly.  Hospitals and rehab facilities look for travel organizations who can meet their needs in an efficient and educated manner.  Whether you are an experienced therapist or a graduate student; do not overlook the importance of working for an organization whose singular focus is therapy.   At Advanced Medical you will often hear the term “therapy only.”  Obviously the term is self-explanatory in regards to who we work with……….just therapists.  We focus on the needs of PT, OT, and SLP rehab therapists and strive to bring an unmatched layer of clinical support to these efforts.  Today I want to dig a little deeper in looking at why this is important in your search for a travel company.  Here are the top 5 reasons why working with a company devoted to therapy is important. 

  1. Your recruiter will have a knowledge base centered around “your needs”, rather than dabbling in an untold number of disciplines.  With this knowledge comes respect and relatability.
  2. Having this singular focus allows for targeted clinical support.  This means you will be working with educated professionals adept at problem solving in your particular field.   Strong clinical support brings high standards in patient care which can be vital in for your professional growth.
  3. Joining a company committed to therapy increases your ability to land in a location best suited to your specific skill set.  Hospitals and clinics prefer working with companies that prioritize clinical knowledge and interdepartmental support.
  4. For young therapists there is no better way to grow than working with a company that understands your needs and treats you like part of a family rather than just another face in a large bureaucracy.  A “therapy only” company is better equipped to bring you industry-specific guidance in those crucial first assignments.
  5. Large travel companies working in multiple areas often do not take the time to ensure a candidate is suitable for the task at hand.  Recruiters at these companies often have limited ability to make informed decisions on your behalf.  In addition, they may not be able to spot red flags for your therapy position when for example, only 5% of their work is done in that field.