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We’ve all been there: you are at happy hour with friends and you have to resist the urge to correct your friend’s phonation or congratulate them on really articulating that alliterative appetizer that they just ordered. When you are an SLP, sometimes you just can’t turn all that stuff off.

This video will show you what we mean…


Sound like you? Then you’ve found a safe space! We won’t look at you weird when you compliment us on our diction. Actually, we’d be flattered! (We’ve been practicing).

So if you can’t shut off that SLP magic that is flowing through you, why not put it to good use? We have a ton of SLP opportunities, including some timely ones if you are an SLP interested in working with children in a school setting.

Tell all your #slpeeps… and don’t forget it’s ok to not shut down your SLP mode in public. We get you.