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Yeah – we know a lot of travel therapy companies out there have THEIR lists of best caves in Kentucky… but this is clearly the best most comprehensive list of caves to go spelunking in when you are on your travel therapy job in Kentucky.

1. Mammoth Cave National Park

Named after the size rather than what they found in it – Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest cave system known in the world. And it’s right here in Kentucky. Guided tours take can take you through the limestone labyrinth, just be on the lookout for the endangered Kentucky cave shrimp. Albino and blind, they won’t really be on the lookout for you. Tread carefully.

2. Hidden River Cave

Where Mammoth Cave is giant and dry, whereas Hidden River Cave has a whole hidden river in it. Pretty clever name, right? This does mean you are going to get those awesome stalagmites and stalactites that you desire from a cave visit. And once you’ve had your underground fill, you can rappel and zipline throughout the park.

3. Horse Cave

Are we cheating if we name a town called Horse Cave, Kentucky? No, because it is named after an actual cave that is located on Main Street in town. In fact, Horse Cave is where Hidden River Cave is located. Too many caves, you say? Don’t worry, Horse Cave has the largest collection of bamboo trees in the state of Kentucky. This entire paragraph is exceptionally strange.

4. Outlaw Cave

Do you think Outlaw Cave and Horse Cave should team up? We do too. Outlaw Cave is the cave with a cool name, as well as being wheelchair accessible which is even cooler. It features huge floor-to-ceiling columns and a brisk 30-minute tour. Afterwards? Bumper cars and go-karts of course.

5. Diamond Caverns

The most luxurious of caves! The “cathedral-like chambers” have been enhanced with lighting to make those formations POP. Also, on the website, their appears to be a guy absolutely shredding on an acoustic guitar. We can’t guarantee that he will be there if you visit — but if he is — snap a pic and share it on Instagram, won’t you?