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We’re not going to lie, we’re just as hyped for the coming eclipse as anyone else. If you’ve been itching for an excuse to take on a new therapy contract, here are five spots that have one really impressive benefit. They will be prime viewing areas for the upcoming eclipse. Just make sure to pack those special sunglasses!


There are a few options in Oregon where you can get great views of the eclipse. Just 40 minutes away from Portland, we’ve got an OT job in Saint Helens that’s perfect for seeing this once in a lifetime event. If you decide to take a day trip to Portland, there’s endless restaurants to enjoy afterwards. You could also take the 2 hour drive to Madras; a small city that’s been preparing for the eclipse for nearly two years.


Clocking in at nearly 3 minutes, Kentucky is one of the states that will get the longest view of the eclipse. With a PT job in Paducah, you’ll be able to enjoy every second of the eclipse. You will also be a quick drive away from the Shawnee National Forest where you can hike near breathtaking sandstone cliffs and formations. Just make sure you finish the day with a glass of bourbon.


If you’re looking for a more long term commitment, we’ve got a OT school job in Wyoming. The good thing about this position is that it technically starts after the eclipse so you have the freedom to fully enjoy that Monday. Take a day trip to the town of Casper where they have a free festival celebrating the eclipse. The eclipse will be visible around 11:42 AM and afterwards you can take part in some of the food and beverages available during the event.


If you’ve been thinking of taking a therapy job in the prairie state, now is the time to go! We’ve got a PT job in the heart of Chicago so you’ll be close to just about everything. If you want a cheap way to experience the eclipse amongst other folks, head down to Carbondale where they’ll be opening its Saluki Stadium as a prime viewing location as it falls under the path of totality.


There are multiple spots where you can see the eclipse for free in Idaho. In fact, if you head over to Arco, they will be handing out free sunglasses to view the event. At the Craters of the Moon national monument there’s a free multi-day celebration with food, activities, and even a livestream of the eclipse.


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