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Fresh off our induction of OT Madison Carrico, the Advanced Medical Mentoring Team continues to grow its all-star cast. This week we warmly welcome PT Courtney McClean to our lineup of talented new grad mentors. Growing up in Bridgton, a small resort town in eastern Maine, Courtney went on to get her undergraduate and doctorate degree in New Haven, Connecticut at Quinnipiac University. Boasting a classically New England style campus with handsomely manicured lawns, Quinnipiac is a mid-sized liberal arts university with a strong DPT program. As someone who is in her words, “active on my feet”, Courtney was drawn to the thrilling diversity of travel therapy.


A lover of virtually anything outdoors, Courtney especially embraces hiking and a passion for the ocean. Her assertive nature and sharp clinical skills have made Courtney an elite traveler who is anxious to mentor young therapists. Although Courtney enjoys all settings, her dream practice would be working in Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation utilizing Hippotherapy (utilizing a horses movement to affect change in the patient). Courtney has shined in a variety of settings and scenery, with licenses in California, Arizona, Texas, and New York. Her recruiter raves about her versatility and willingness to adapt to her surroundings. Courtney is a valuable addition who stands to make an enormous impact imparting wisdom to our new grad therapists. Until next time…