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Ok – you did it. You’ve finished college and now you have your entire career ahead of you. The graduation parties are over,and now the inevitable questions start: “So what’s your plan? What are you going to do next? Where are you going to move?”

Everyone has questions for you, but what about questions you have? Like… what if you don’t want to settle down immediately after graduation? What if you feel limited by your career choices in your hometown?

That’s why we created our New Grad Program – helping you answer questions like this for yourself. So here’s a big one we get: Should I become a travel therapist right after graduation?

Short answer? Yes.

Slightly longer answer? Watch our 2 minute interview with our Clinical Director where she talks about why traveling right after college is a great way to kickstart your career, and how our mentors can help you transition into the professional therapy world.

Can’t view the video? Here’s a transcription:

Hi, I’m Melissa Jones. I’m the clinical director with Advanced Medical.

Can you tell us about the New Grad Program?

We have an amazing new grad program all of our new grads get free and unlimited CEU’s so it’s a really good way to brush up on skills, gain new skills and also help you prepare to go into new settings.

We also do tuition reimbursement so it’s up to $5000 over the course of two years. It’s a really great way to help you pay off those student loans. And the last piece to our program is mentorship we have an amazing team of mentors across disciplines so when you’re a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist – we match you with a mentor in your same discipline who has experience in whatever setting it is that you’re going into.

So whether that skilled nursing, home health, acute care, etc, they’re going to have that setting specific knowledge to be able to walk you through some of those moments you may have where you’re unsure of what to do or maybe you have a really tough patient that you haven’t treated that diagnosis since you were in school and you’re really struggling…

Our mentors are there to really walk you through that process to help you whether it’s the documentation treatment and even lifestyle questions like “what do I pack?” “What’s my first day going to be like as a traveler?” They’re really amazing individuals that really are interested in helping you.

Should I travel right out of school?

I think one of the benefits of traveling right out of school is that it’s really an extension of your clinical work. When you’re a student you do 12-week rotations to help you gain more experience to figure out a different settings that you really enjoy. Traveling is very similar to that: 13-week assignments you get to go in and continue to gain skills in a lot of different treatment areas as opposed to specializing so soon as school and only developing one set of skills.

You’re really able to continue your growth that you started in school to be able to gain a wide variety of skills as opposed to just one skill set.


Ready to get traveling? Read more about our New Grad Program right here.